Plenary Lectures:
- Lydéric Bocquet (CNRS, ENS): ‘Flow and rheology at ultimate scales’
- Luca Cipelletti (University of Montpellier): ‘Why soft solids fail’
- Stephen L Craig (Duke University): ‘Macromolecular Mechanochemistry’
- Marileen Dogterom (TU Delft): 'tba'
- Kohzo Ito (University of Tokyo): ‘Tough topological polymers and their applications to energy-efficient vehicles and medicine’
- Cait MacPhee (University of Edinburgh): 'Biofilms: What’s in it for Soft Matter?'
- Susan Perkin (University of Oxford): ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities: Stories of Electrostatics in Soft Matter’
- Sriram Ramaswamy (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru): 'Fast, Elastic, Defective, Active Matter'

The recipient of the RSC Soft Matter Lectureship 2019 will receive their award and deliver a lecture at the Conference.

Keynote Lectures:
- Eric Clément (ESPCI, Paris): 'Spontaneous and driven active matter flows'
- Ralph Colby (Penn State)
- Al Crosby (Massachusetts Amherst): 'Cavitation and Puncture: Crack Nucleation in Soft Solids'
- Ray Dagastine (Melbourne University): Growing and shrinking bubbles, enhanced Ostwald ripening via mass transport in nanometer thick films
- Emanuela Del Gado (Georgetown University): 'Rheology of arrested soft matter'
- Lorna Dougan (Leeds University): 'Hierarchical biomechanics: from single folded proteins to cross-linked protein networks'
- Eric Dufresne (ETH, Zürich): 'Phase-separation in an elastic matrix: from living cells to synthetic materials'
- Daniela Kraft (Leiden University)    
- Hartmut Löwen (Dusseldorf University): 'Optimal navigation strategies of active colloids in complex environment'
- Sabine Laschat (Stuttgart University): 'Ionic Liquid Crystals: Controlling Self-Assembly and Function through Charge and Symmetry'
- Matt Lynch (Proctor & Gamble): Measuring Flow in Yield Stress Fluids
- Guillaume Ovarlez (Solvay, Bordeaux University): 'From soft matter rheology to civil engineering'
- Paddy Royall (University of Bristol): 'Towards an Understanding of the Glass Transition? Insights from Experiment and Simulation'
- Stefano Sacanna (New York University): 
- Friederike Schmid (Mainz University):'Why "bad" is "good": Polydispersity in polymeric nanostructures'
- Joris Sprakel (Wageningen University): 'Law and Disorder: The unusual behaviour of ultraweak crystals'
- Alison Sweeney (University of Pennsylvania)        

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