Scientific Programme

The Conference is organised around the following topics:

Active Soft Matter
Natural and synthetic swimmers, active gels, growing cell colonies, etc.
Hartmut Löwen (Düsseldorf): Optimal navigation strategies of active colloids in complex environment
Eric Clément (ESPCI, Paris): Spontaneous and driven active matter flows

Arrested Soft Matter
Colloidal and polymer glasses, gels and networks, associative and composite systems with slow dynamics, quiescent and under flow.
Emanuela Del Gado (Georgetwon): Rheology of arrested soft matter
Paddy Royall (Bristol): Towards an Understanding of the Glass Transition? Insights from Experiment and Simulation

Colloidal and Granular Soft Matter
Synthesis, structure, dynamics of particulate systems, wet or dry, and analogies between the two classes of materials
Stefano Sacanna (New York University):
Joris Sprakel (Wageningen): Law and Disorder: The unusual behaviour of ultraweak crystals

Interfacial Soft Matter
Surfactants, emulsions (including Pickering emulsions), membranes, films (on substrates and free-standing)
Daniela Kraft (Leiden): Lipid phase separation in curved geometries: from geometric pinning to antimixing
Ray Dagastine (Melbourne): Growing and shrinking bubbles, enhanced Ostwald ripening via mass transport in nanometer thick films

Living Soft Matter
Biomolecules, cells, tissue engineering, interfacing synthetic soft matter and tissues
Eric Dufresne (ETH, Zürich): Phase-separation in an elastic matrix: from living cells to synthetic materials

Making and Measuring Soft Matter
New methods and materials, including single-molecule studies
Matt Lynch (Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati): Measuring Flow in Yield Stress Fluids
Lorna Dougan (Leeds): Hierarchical biomechanics: from single folded proteins to cross-linked protein networks

Polymeric Soft Matter
Synthesis, structure, dynamics, properties of homogeneous, heterogeneous, biological, liquid crystalline and crystalline polymer systems
Friederike Schmid (Mainz): Why "bad" is "good": Polydispersity in polymeric nanostructures
Ralph Colby (Penn State): Flow-Induced Crystallization of Engineering Thermoplastics

Processing Soft Matter
Rheology, microfluidics, flow in complex geometries, additive manufacturing
Guillaume Ovarlez (Solvay/Bordeaux): From soft matter rheology to civil engineering

Self-assembled Soft Matter
Synthetic and biomimetic, supramolecular assemblies
Alison Sweeney (Pennsylvania)
Sabine Laschat (Stuttgart): Ionic Liquid Crystals: Controlling Self-Assembly and Function through Charge and Symmetry

Stressed Soft Matter
Bonding, buckling, fracture, tackiness
Al Crosby (Massachusetts Amherst): Cavitation and Puncture: Crack Nucleation in Soft Solids

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