The 5th International Soft Matter Conference (ISMC2019) will be held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom from 3-7 June 2019.

The Organisers are looking forward to welcoming you to this Conference, held under the auspices of the SoftComp Network of Excellence (external link).


The full Conference Programme can be found here.

Please find a schedule overview below:

Plenary Speakers:

- Lydéric Bocquet (CNRS, ENS, Paris):
     ‘Flow and rheology at ultimate scales’
- Luca Cipelletti (Montpellier):
     ‘Why soft solids fail’
- Stephen L Craig (Duke):
     ‘Macromolecular Mechanochemistry’
- Marileen Dogterom (TU Delft):
     ‘Building synthetic cells'
- Kohzo Ito (Tokyo):
     ‘Novel Tough Polymers for Energy-Efficient Vehicles and Supramolecular Nanosheet for Drug Delivery System'
- Cait MacPhee (Edinburgh):
     'Biofilms: What’s in it for Soft Matter?'
- Susan Perkin (Oxford):
     ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities: Stories of Electrostatics in Soft Matter’
- Sriram Ramaswamy (IIS, Bengaluru):
     'Fast, Elastic, Defective, Active Matter'

The  2019 RSC Soft Matter Lecturer, Tim White from Colorado, will receive his award and deliver a lecture on ‘Pixelated Polymers:  Programming Function into Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks and Elastomers’ at the conference.

There will be 9 scientific sessions:

Active Soft Matter    
  Keynotes: Hartmut Löwen, Dusseldorf; Eric Clément, ESPCI, Paris
Arrested Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Emanuela Del Gado, Georgetown; Paddy Royall, Bristol
Colloidal and Granular Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Stefano Sacanna, New York; Joris Sprakel, Wageningen
Interfacial Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Daniela Kraft, Leiden; Ray Dagastine, Melbourne
Living Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Eric Dufresne, ETH, Zürich; Erwin Peterman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Making and Measuring Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Lorna Dougan, Leeds; Matt Lynch, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati
Polymeric Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Ralph Colby, Penn State; Friederike Schmid, Mainz
Processing  & Stressed Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Guillaume Ovarlez, Solvay, Bordeaux; Al Crosby, Massachusetts Amherst
Self-assembled Soft Matter
  Keynotes: Alison Sweeney, Pennsylvania; Sabine Laschat, Stuttgart

Confirmed sponsors include:


                               Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces




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